Working in the Canadian healthcare system

Working in the Canadian healthcare system-en

To those interested in working in the Canadian healthcare system

Due to the high demand of the Atlantic provinces of Canada in the fields related to health, those who want to work in the profession of Personal Support Worker in these provinces can send us their resume at


-Having at least two years of official work experience in the last three years in related fields such as nursing, midwifery, various paramedical technicians, laboratory staff, teachers, educators, nursing home staff, educational counsellors, etc. Also, general practitioners for special cases;

-Having the English level of CLB5;

-Having at least a high school diploma;

-Willingness and ability to work in the profession of personal support worker with the following tasks:

   Taking care of a person or family during illness or recovery period;

   Assist the patient in all activities of daily living, including, toilet, bathing, dressing, mobility;

   Preparing meals and feeding the patient;

   Doing housework such as cleaning and tidying the patient’s room or house, changing beds and doing laundry;

   Help the patient to take their medication and make sure it is taken according to the instructions;

   Doing shopping;

   Spending time with the patient;

   Helping the patient in prescribed exercises;

   Observing and reporting changes in patient behaviour

Note: Applicants whose resume is accepted and receive a job offer from the employer can apply for a permanent residency program by receiving a letter of approval from the relevant province.

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