Student Immigration Plans

Immigration by Study Permit

The Express Entry is a selection system for Canadian immigration, designed to select skilled workers for immigration to Canada.

In this system, higher points are given to candidates with Canadian work experience and a post-secondary degree.

Meanwhile, provinces give priority to students and graduates in numerous fields. The total of these privileges has made many people around the world interested in studying at well-known Canadian universities, and eventually, graduating and gaining related experience to apply for their permanent residency.

There are various immigration pathways for this group of people.

Depending on their condition (as mentioned below), they can apply through each one.


  • Applying after graduation and finding a related job
  • Applying after graduation and initiating a business
  • Applying before graduation and having work experience while studying
  • Applying before graduation and having foreign work experience
  • Applying before and after graduation through Start Up Visa
  • Applying after graduation with a higher score in the Express Entry program