NB Exploratory Tour

NB Exploratory Tour

The Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour of New Brunswick encourages entrepreneurs to visit the province to explore its unique communities and business opportunities. This exploratory visit helps applicants to make an informed decision on whether they have the ability to initiate a business based on local recourses, and if they can settle with their family in the province as permanent residents. The Exploratory visit must be a minimum of five full business days, although longer trips are recommended. It provides essential information about various provincial features;

some are mentioned below:


  • Geographic location and climate
  • Urbanization and lifestyles
  • Social security and health/medical services
  • Purchase and rental of residential areas
  • Recreational and tourist centers
  • Business and employment opportunities
  • The education system at different levels
  • The administrative and tax system


Swallow Immigration with its active and prolonged presence in New Brunswick, has organized and planned various exploratory tours. It has been fully acquainted with opportunities in the province and legal advisors required for the process of immigration. Along with required reservations such as hotels, Swallow Immigration accompanies their applicants from the airport to all provincial meetings that are associated with the following:


  • Official Immigration Consultant
  • Advisor for business startup and optimization
  • New Brunswick business owners
  • Regional economic development officers
  • Chamber of commerce officials
  • Industry association officials
  • Commercial and/or residential real estate agents
  • Business brokers
  • Accountants that provide advice on business organizations, evaluations, book keeping and taxation
  • Legal counsel that provides assistance with legal transfers, purchase agreements, etc.
  • New Brunswick-based ethnic and cultural associations