After Landing Services

After Landing Services

Swallow Immigration is ready to welcome and help newcomers adjust their new life and business in New Brunswick. The services can be provided with Swallow Immigration are:
  • A)   Initial services such as:


  1. Maintaining candidates arrival dates and time,
  2. Hotel/Furnished apartment reservations along with welcome services at the airport,
  3. Helping applicants to find and rent/buy apartment/house to live and settle there by choice,
  4. Connecting candidates to organizations and centers providing services to newcomers,
  5. Connecting them to their own communities
  6. Guiding them to apply for the SIN number, health card (Medicare), PR card (if they did not apply at the airport), driving license, helping them to fill the forms such as child tax benefit form and etc.,
  7. Helping newcomers in their primary shopping, having a cellphone, cable and internet service and more.
  8. Assisting them to register their children at the right school /college/ university,
  9. Assisting in selecting and opening bank accounts and applying for credit cards,
  10. Providing information about public transport including city bus services and taxi, and

If they plan to buy a car; we are here to help.


  • B)   Following the initial settlement period, we will: 


  1. Provide necessary information resources and supports to establish their business,
  2. Provide necessary information resources and supports to acquire a business,
  3. Connect newcomers to professional people to better achieve their business goals,
  4. Provide critical advice to ensure their business meets the requirement specified under their business plan and business performance agreement,
  5. If their business plan requires change or adjustments, we are here to help them to get approval from officials to ensure greater performance and stakeholders’ satisfaction, and
  6. Any other assistance that can help newcomers in their short- and long-term business goals.