About Us

About Us

With over a decade of experience, Swallow Immigration Consultancy Inc., managed by Mrs. Nousheen Pourjahani, founded in New Brunswick, Canada consults and provides accurate and documented information to applicants who are interested to immigrate to Canada.

With comprehensive knowledge and information about immigration laws and programs, Swallow Immigration Consultancy Inc.
is honoured to be able to always recommend the best and most suitable plan of immigration to their clients.

The company was selected as the official representative of the province of New Brunswick in 2017 to introduce and promote the Entrepreneurial Stream.

About Us

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Creating new jobs

Holding private seminars, as well as participating in New Brunswick Information sessions held by the Government of New Brunswick, in various countries around the world, has provided Swallow Immigration Consultancy Inc. with the opportunity to introduce different immigration programs, and answer the questions of a large number of participants. One of the major achievements of this collaboration has been attracting applicants from many countries including Colombia, Nigeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Iran, India, Pakistan, China, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, and so on. Swallow Immigration Consultancy Inc. also serves as the official advisor to International Students of the University of New Brunswick (UNB), McKenzie Colleges and New Brunswick Community College (NBCC), as well as their official representative for introducing the facilities and curriculum of these educational centers.

Why us?

Swallow Immigration is your best choice to immigrate to Canada. Surely the following reasons will have you believing the same:

Swallow offers the quickest and most affordable ways of immigration, by taking into account all the circumstances of the applicants and focusing on their interests.

Swallow Immigration has had clients from a variety of countries and cultures, including applicants from Colombia in the West to Malaysia in the East throughout its period of activity. This is a valuable experience for the company, enabling us to interact with a variety of nationalities.

A decade of working in a variety of Canadian immigration practices and attending various immigration seminars as well as answering numerous questions from hundreds of immigration enthusiasts at Q&A sessions has provided us with excellent opportunities to gain comprehensive information on various sections of immigration Law and provide informative legal advice to our clients.

Having acceptable business ideas for each province, which are suitable for the applicant’s previous education and experience, are crucial to a successful immigration application. In some provinces, applicants are not solely chosen based on the highest points earned, and their business idea in the province may a significant role in the application process. Swallow Immigration, with the help of expert consultants and by gathering information and statistics on existing businesses in the province along with the capability to launch new businesses, can provide the best possible business idea for applicants.

Swallow immigration designs provincial exploratory tours and schedules meetings with Government Information Centers, Banks, Training Centers, Business Consultants, Accountants, Lawyers, Associations and Unions, as well as visits to related and competing firms by attending these tours help the immigrants to find a great deal of information in different areas such as lifestyle, rent and purchase costs, education for children, medical and insurance services, work permits, business start-up costs, and so much more.

Swallow Immigration provides services for newcomers arriving in Canada to start their own lives and build up their businesses. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Hotel/furnished apartment reservations along with welcome services at the airport
  • Accompaniment for the apply/ purchase of basic necessities such as Health Card, Social Insurance number, mobile phone number, bank account, and internet connectivity
  • Consultation on registration of children in educational centers
  • Introduction of relevant business consultants for research and business start-up
  • Introduction of other consultants if necessary

Our team

Swallow Immigration has always been honored to provide the best immigration services to its clients in conjunction with its experienced team.

Nousheen Pourjahani


Official Member of The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC)


Lao Tri Duong

Sales Manager




1- Recommending the best plan of immigration
3- Acquaintance and cooperation with various cultures and nationalities
4- Complete knowledge and understanding of Canadian Federal and Provincial Laws and Regulations
5- Recommending the most appropriate business plan with regards to applicants’ work experience and education
6- Organizing exploratory tours with the conditions and opportunities of the province
7- Providing post-landing services