Nousheen Pourjahani Biography

Nousheen Pourjahani

With over a decade of experience, Nousheen Pourjahani, a regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, and one of the founders of Swallow Immigration Consultancy Inc. consults and provides accurate and documented information to applicants who are interested to immigrate to Canada.

With comprehensive knowledge and information about immigration laws and programs, Nousheen is honoured to be able to always recommend the best and most suitable plan of immigration to their clients.

Her Company, Swallow Immigration Consultancy Inc. was selected as the official representative of the province of New Brunswick in 2017 to introduce and promote the Entrepreneurial Stream.

Holding private seminars, as well as participating in New Brunswick Information sessions held by the Government of New Brunswick, in various countries around the world, has provided Nousheen with the opportunity to introduce different immigration programs, and answer the questions of a large number of participants. One of the major achievements of this collaboration has been attracting applicants from many countries including Colombia, Nigeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Iran, India, Pakistan, China, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, and so on.

Nousheen Pourjahani also serves as the official advisor to International Students of the University of New Brunswick (UNB), as well as their official representative for introducing the facilities and curriculum of these educational centres.

Some of the immigration programs that Nousheen helped or represented applicants in front of the provincial or the federal government are:

Provincial programs

-Business stream

-Employer support program

-Provincial Express Entry

-Atlantic Immigration Pilot program

Federal programs

-Express Entry

-Skilled worker (old program)

-Start-up visa for innovated ideas

-Spouse sponsorship program

-Self-employed program

-Super visa application (for parents)

-Citizenship application

-Visitor visa application

-Study permit application

-Work permits

-Visa and permits’ renewal for international students

-Renewal PR Card

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