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Important Notice from the office of Member of Parliament for Fredericton

Hi Nousheen, please feel free to forward this to others in the consultant or immigration community.  We are ready to help wherever needed.

Re:  immigration updates Monday, March 23/20

Hi Folks,

I spoke with an agent on the Minister of Immigration’s urgent line this morning.  It took 5 days for a callback.  They are now back to Mon to Fri hours 9 am to 7 pm EST.

The agent said that issues have been clarified between the Minister of Immigration and the Minister of Transport since last week and that there is now less misunderstanding and more clarity in how the airlines are boarding people.

The Minister of Immigration has clarified that all those with Permanent Resident Visa applications approved before Mar 16th are cleared to enter Canada as long as that visa is valid.

  • Some, like the refugee couple we are dealing with from Iran, do not have their documents (passport and visa) which are with third parties like IOM Turkey who were arranging their flights and exit.  These people need their documents in order to travel and getting them back from agencies themselves now in turmoil because of quarantines may be the issue.  But these people can come into Canada any time up to the expiration of those visas.

The Minister of Transport has clarified that the temporary foreign worker exemption includes not just agricultural, fish, and caregiver categories, but their internal memo states, “and all other temporary foreign workers”.  

  • The Ministry of Immigration is, therefore advising that all those foreign nationals with valid Canadian work permits are allowed to board flights, and will be permitted to enter Canada.  

There are still some issues with how these rules are being communicated to and interpreted by airlines.  Our office will help where we can.

Kathryn Downton, RSW

Constituent Advocate/Defenseuse des citoyen.nes

Office of Jenica Atwin, O.C., M.P./Bureau de Jenica Atwin O.C., Députée

Member of Parliament for Fredericton/Députée de Fredericton

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