Immigration to Canada through the Sponsorship

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Any Canadian Citizens who are permanently living in Canada with the age of 18 or above can apply for some of the relatives to immigrate to Canada. If they succeed to collect their permanent residency, they will be able to live, work and study as well as Canadians.

Who Can Be a Sponsor?

Everyone can be the Sponsor of his/her relatives if :

  • He/She is 18 years old or above
  • He/She is a Canadian Citizen
  • He/She is a Permanent Resident of Canada

Note: If the Sponsor is a Canadian Citizen but lives abroad, he/she should prove to live in Canada when his/her relative’s  Permanent Residence visa is issued.

  • If the Sponsor lives in Quebec, he/she should obey the Quebec Regulation
  • The Sponsor must prove to have enough income to support the dependants in the future

Who Can Not Be a Sponsor?

He/She can not be a Sponsor if :

  • lives under the spouse sponsorship and residing in Canada less than 5 years
  • His/Her spouse or ex-partner has got the permanent residency under his/her sponsorship less than three years
  • Still owes the government for the previous loan regarding the last commitments
  • Has been Bankrupt and still involving
  • Is taking social assistance except for physical disability
  • Has been convicted for any crime, violent or sexual offense, physical harms to his/her family
  • He/She/ is in a prison or detention
  • He/She has a removal order
  • There is another family sponsorship application that is under review

Who can be Sponsored?

1- The spouse or partner if :

  • His/her spouse or partner is 18 years above
  • The relationship is genuine

2-  The child meets the definition of a dependent child

3- The Parents if :

  • They are supported as soon as they enter the country
  • They are not going to take any social assistance
  • The sponsor can afford all their financial requirements

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