New Changes in Citizenship


Justin Trudot’s Cabinet will modify some of the strict Citizenship laws of the previous government. They are going to :
– The age of the exemption to submit Language skill proficiency will change from 14 – 64 to 18 – 60 years
– The condition of Physical Presence from 4 years within 6 years will be decreased to 3 years within 5 years and the requirement of 6 months of physical stay in a year will be eliminated.
– The Expression of Interest to live in Canada for the applicant will be removed.
– The issue of ” Revoking the Canadian Citizenship of the people with two nationalities who are accused of treason and spying against Canada or participating in terrorist operations ” will be eliminated
– Half of the number of residency days in Canada for the students or temporary workers before their permanent Residency will be considered in their Citizenship Application

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