About Us

About Us

Swallow Immigration, managed by Mrs. Nousheen Pourjahani with over a decade of experience, consults and provides accurate and documented information to Canadian Immigration Applicants.

The company headquarters are in the beautiful and historic town of Fredericton, the capital of New Brunswick.

By using the different provincial and Federal Rules and Regulations, Swallow Immigration is honored to be able to always recommend the best and most suitable ways of immigration for their clients.

The company was selected as the official representative of the province of New Brunswick among other companies in a highly competitive tender in 2017 to introduce and promote the Entrepreneurial Stream.

South Africa

Federal Government of Canada

Honorable Minister of Immigration

Creating new jobs

Holding private seminars along with inviting high-ranking Immigration officers, as well as participating in New Brunswick Seminars in various cities around the world, has provided Swallow with the opportunity to introduce immigration plans, procedures and answer the questions of a large number of participants. One of the major achievements of this collaboration has been to attract applicants from many different countries including Colombia, Nigeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Iran, India, Pakistan, China, Singapore, Vietnam,  Malaysia, and applicants from many other countries. Swallow also serves as the official advisor to International Students of the University of New Brunswick (UNB), McKenzie Colleges and New Brunswick Community College (NBCC), as well as their official representative for introducing the facilities and curriculum of these educational centers.

Why us?

Swallow Immigration is your best choice to immigrate to Canada. Surely the following reasons will have you believing the same:
1- Recommending the best plan of immigration
3- Acquaintance and cooperation with various cultures and nationalities
4- Complete knowledge and understanding of Canadian Federal and Provincial Laws and Regulations
5- Recommending the most appropriate business plan with regards to applicants’ work experience and education
6- Organizing exploratory tours with the conditions and opportunities of the province
7- Providing post-landing services

Our team

Swallow Immigration has always been honored to provide the best immigration services to its clients in conjunction with its experienced team.

Noushin Pourjahani


Official Member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC)


Dr. Mahmoud Rajablu

Specialized business consultant in business investment, acquisition, commissioning and development


Lao Tri Duong

Sales Manager